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Descendants of Charlemagne (database) by Prof. Dr. Herbert Stoyan
Roots of Sixty New England Colonists (1623-1650)  Descendants of King Gorm of Denmark (database) by Prof. Dr. Herbert Stoyan  Directory of Royal Genealogical Data (database) by Brian C. Tompsett  The Higher Nobility in Europe (database) by Prof. Dr. Herbert Stoyan
The Monarchy in Belgium  The Imperial House of Brasilia  Queen Margrethe II of Denmark  Liechtenstein News: Princely Family   The Principality of Monaco: 700th  Anniv. of Grimaldi Family's reign
Sweden: Crown Princess Victoria  Sweden: Princess Madeleine  The King of Spain  Monarchs of Scotland  Monarchs of Britain   The British Monarchy  The Principality of Wales   Monarches of France  Monarches of Italy
Master Index for Royal Genealogy by Surname  Mayflower Passenger List  William I the Conquerer  Genealogies of Famous People #1  World Roots by Brigitte on European Royalty & Nobility  Genealogies of Famous People #2  Index to Presidents Genealogical Data (database) by Brian C. Tompsett  The Maternal Lineage of Abraham Lincoln by Christopher Challender Child  Royal Descents of Famous People by Dr. Mark Humphrys  Royal Genealogies by Henry Churchyard  Titanic Passengers  &   Complete Titanic Information Site
  Kings and Queens of England from 1485 to the Present