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Louis Fillipo Ratti (and son Virgil) at his confectionary store, 270 Spring Street, Newton, NJ,  august 1903.  Building is still owned by Ratti's.
Antonio Ratti and Luigia Dughi circa 1902 with children Sylvio and Enrico
Paul Ratti and Livia Mutti circa 1907 with children Joseph and Elmira
Paul Ratti at his confectionary store in Dunellen, NJ circa 1925
Louis Fillipo Ratti and his brother Antonio Ratti and families with the Orlandi family circa 1909 at 270 Spring Street, Newton, NJ
Joseph Ratti and his wife Josephine Michalicka on their wedding day 1931
Louis Ratti at the 270 Spring Street, Newton, NJ store circa 1930.
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Unknown, people are from NJ.  anyone know this one?
The mysterious "Ro Ro" ...anyone know who she is?
Ernest Ratti and girl circa 1925.
Alma Maria Dughi (R) and Lazarus Dughi.
(L-R) Renato Ratti, Pete Dughi, Rennie Ratti, Jack Gilbert.  Coupon, PA, 1953.
Louis Ratti, son of Antonio Ratti and Aloysia Dughi. circa 1925.
(L-R) Jack Gilbert, Renato Ratti, Pete Dughi, Rennie Ratti, Inez Gardini. Coupon, PA, 1953.
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Aloysia Dughi circa 1910.
(L-R) Bartolomeo Dughi, Lazarus Dughi?, and Aloysia Dughi, circa 1900, Italy.
Main Street, Wharton, NJ store.  Owned by Antonio Molinari untill the '29 stock market crash.  Building still stands.
Bart Dughi's confectionary store, Roaring Springs, PA, 1923.
adults L-R; Alma Maria Dughi, Aloysia Dughi, Antonio Ratti, and Palmira Dughi
kids L-R; Louis Ratti, Silvio Ratti, Enrico Ratti
circa 1906
Leonilda Maria Cessarina Ratti,   Savona, Italy circa 1920.
Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti, Pope Pius XI, circa 1930
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Joseph Lusardi and Maria Dominica Ratti, wedding day, 1934
Ye Olde Photo of Bedonia, circa 1910
Ye Olde Photo of Montarsiccio, circa 1910, by Antonio Ratti.
A pic sent to me by someone before my hardrive crash, of Leo Dughi (no details).  If you sent this pic, please contact me.