This page features Ratti related links as well as genealogy related links.  If you would like to add a link please E-mail me.
Link to Castello Torre Ratti website.  It is a medieval castle in northern Italy that is presently a hotel.  It has a very interesting Ratti History.  Check it out!  If anyone stays here, let me know how your stay went!
Company Website for Ratti.  It is a company based in Italy that manufactures textiles and is THE major contributor to the Antonio Ratti Textile Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  Check out their website.  It has an excellent section about the history of the company.
Here is a web store where you can buy Ratti Wine! 
Check out George Lusardi's Website.  It is an excellent site with a wealth of surname Lusardi resources.  It is the best place on the internet for surname Lusardi researchers!   Check it out! 
Here is a neat site where you can plug in a surname and a distribution map of that surname in Italy (or the USA) is generated.  It is in Italian, but it is not all that hard to figure out, since a lot of it is graphical.  Just put your surname where it says "cognome" and press the red arrow.
Olive Tree Genealogy, home of free genealogical resources
A good resource for Ship Manifests.  Over commercialized but worth a look.  Also has many other free data bases to look at.
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Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.  A group of volunteers who are transcribing passenger ship manifests.  5000 ships transcribed and growing all the time.  Excellent site.  You can search by ship name or port of departure!  Contains many from Italy.
Here is a web site that has Italian immigration data from sources outside of Ellis Island.  Check this site if you did not have any luck at Ellis Island!
Link to the Ellis Island site.  Excellent site!  Top notch!  you can even view the original ships manifest.  Be sure to take the extra time to look at the original manifests, because they often contain information that the transcribers did not post to other areas of the website.
This is the LDS place search page, just type in the place of interest and see what records are available on microfilm.  INCREDIBLE resource!   THE best genealogy resource IN THE WORLD!  Take some time to check out the other resources on this site as well.  I got 90% of the Montarsiccio information by utilizing this resource.
This is the new Genealogy program I use, Legacy Family Tree, (version 4.0).  It is simply the best one out there for keeping and organizing data for genealogists.  Believe me, I have tried them all!  There is even a really useful feature that allows your family tree file to be edited by others, and then merging those changes (and only the changes) back into your master file!  Its only shortcoming is its lack of charting functions.  Please check it out!  You can try it for free.
Good Map of Italy where you can plug in the name your looking for.  This is a very good map.  It has even the tiniest of villages and you can zoom in or out.  It is in Italian, but it is easy to figure out, just be sure to spell it right!
Links to Royal Genealogies and family trees of famous persons.