Ratti Family Genealogy
Genealogy of Villa Montarsiccio


Last Update: June 2017

  My branch of Famiglia Ratti begins in a small village in Northern Italy called Montarsiccio. It is in the Province of Parma, near the town of Bedonia.  I am currently in the process of posting all of the church records from Santo Martino of Montarsiccio.  About 75% of all the records from there are currently posted here.  (Mostly surnames Ratti, Lusardi, Dughi, Ferrari, Pessini, Moglia, Molinari and Bruni.)  I expect to complete this sometime in my lifetime.
     I invite anyone with surname Ratti in their family tree to post their own branch here.  It is my hope that Ratti families all over the world will someday have their branches posted here.  PLEASE contact me if you are interested in including your branch.  It's easy!  All you have to do is E-mail me the information.  Then we work together to fill in the blanks.  Only the names of living persons are published here, all other information on living persons is not published out of concern for privacy.  A separate confidential data file is kept by me with this information for future use by generations to come.

Please consider donating originals or copies of any Ratti related items to the Ratti Family Archives.   The purpose of this archive is to store and organize Ratti family documents, books, old letters, photographs, artifacts, heirlooms, etc.  The items donated to the Ratti Family Archives will be forever kept for the benefit of future generations.  Anyone who wishes to view the Ratti Family Archives may do so at my home in New York.   If you have anything to donate to the archives, or would like to see the archives, PLEASE contact me.  For the sake of history and for all Ratti yet to be, I beg you to consider adding your material to the Ratti Family Archives!


-Much that once was,   is lost...        
  ...for none now live who remember it-