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Ernest Ratti

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George Lusardi

Enrico Lusardi

Frank Ratti

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Patty Tarrantola

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Violet Elder

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Gian Piero Bottini

Beatriz Ratti

Carlos Augusto Ratti 

If I forgot any one PLEASE send me a nasty e-mail so I can add you!  The following people are actively researching their branches.  Please take a moment to read their abstracts.  E mail them if you have any info!  If you would like to post an abstract please e-mail me.    

Violet Elder (Ratti)  violet_elder@yahoo.com          

Violet isresearching Ratti's from Pennsylvania, principally Allegheny County.  She is looking for info on her Great Grandfather, Angelo Ratti (born 1844) who came to America between 1881 and 1889.  Angelo married a woman named Albina Bianchi?.   Angelo and Albina had at least 6 children, Eugene, Louise, Frank, John, George, and Joseph.  The first 3 born in Italy, the last 3 born in Pennsylvania. 


John Ratti John@Rattifamily.com        

I am currently researching Ratti from Bedonia and Compiano, Italy prior to 1740.  If anyone has records from this time era, PLEASE let me know or E-mail me a high resolution (300 dpi or better) scan.  I am also looking for information on where records on persons from Montarsiccio prior to 1740 are kept.  If Anyone in the Bedonia area is willing to record Montarsiccio gravestone extracts for this website, Please E-mail me!       I am also looking for any old letters from Montarsiccio.  Please let me know if you are willing to provide copies.    

Leonard Schellberg  schellbergs@msn.com

Cosima Smith is helping a friend Rev. Schellberg find his roots on his mothers side.  His mothers maiden name was Griffonio (or Gregorio though contemporary documents show the surname to be the former, and more recent documents show the surname to be the later) and her mothers maiden name was Giovanna (Joanna/Johanna) Lusardi.  She married in Newark, N.J. in 1890 and lived most of her married life in Toms River, N.J.  Her brother wasEmil (Hemilius) Lusardi and he lived in Newark, N.J. at one time or other.   From what little we know Leonard's grandmother came to the USA around 1885 since the census of 1905 showed that she had lived in the States for approx. 20 years.              I looked at the marriage and birth records regarding the family of Joseph and Maria Felloni.  Here are my findings.         Only Hemilius was actually born in Montarsiccio, the others seem to have been born outside of Montarsiccio.  The other siblings of Hemilius are known from marriage records.  Hemilius's birth record states that Joseph and Maria Felloni are both from villa Prucdieto?  (letters hard to make out) could also be drucdieto.  I am pretty sure of the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th letters.  I could not find a definitive match of the place name with the maps I have of the Montarsiccio area.  (perhaps it is villa Porcigatore? about 12 kilometers from Montarsiccio)      Angela Lusardi's marriage record mentions a St Peter's Church in villa Poreigatoni (sic) (probably  villa Porcigatore). I am not sure what connection that place name has with this marriage record (it is probably the brides home town).  All of the witnesses mentioned in the records are from Montarsiccio.  I could not disseminate any other information from these records.        I suspect that Joseph's and Maria Felloni's families are from a nearby village(s).  Joseph's ancestors definitely are from Montarsiccio.  I am not sure of Maria Felloni's origins, but that name is common in the Bedonia area. I would bet there is a place called Prucdieto (or something like that) nearby that used to be a villa, but is now part of some other town, and that name is no longer used.  The other villa mentioned (Poreigatoni) could be the same as Prucdieto, but the priests just horribly misspelled it, or spelled it like it sounded.  Does anyone know of a St. Peters church in the area within an old town name that sounds like the villa names I mentioned?  Or know the name of the church in Villa Porcigatore?       If anyone can confirm or provide additional information any of this please contact Leonard and Cosima at the above E-mail address.